It’s Earth Month… Here’s how to get involved!

April 22nd - Earth Day 2021

Lisa Mckelvey

Lisa Mckelvey

by Lisa Mckelvey

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“Earth Day 2021” is almost upon us and there has never been a more appropriate time to scream and shout about the need to tackle climate change. Over the past 12 months the Covid 19 pandemic brought the world as we know it to its knees. Overnight drastic plans were implemented, countries shut-down and citizens locked-down. These actions were utterly required, there was no other solution in an attempt to save lives. 

The Climate Change issue is ever-pressing and after the year that we’ve all had where people, companies, governments and countries have been pushed well outside of their comfort zone and forced to recalibrate, it’s the perfect opportunity to recognize complacency around global warming and to make meaningful efforts to change decades of unsustainable practices. 

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd this year and over the course the month of this month, 1 billion participants from all over the world are coming together as part of a global effort to ‘restore our earth’. People, countries and organizations are beginning to raise their voices to take action and we at GreenFeet are asking you to use Earth Day 2021 to do the same! 

There are various ways in which to do this. Have a look at the EarthDay2021 website for lots of great ideas. At a basic, individual level is running cleanups all over the world in advance of Earth Day and you can participate. Find a local cleanup here. If your company wants to do something meaningful to participate in Earth Day 2021 click here to form a collaboration and plan your own event. The Sierra Club has a great blog here filled with ideas of ways to celebrate and educate. 

Here at Greenfeet we work with companies who are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.We help companies calculate and manage their carbon emissions. It’s the starting point for any sustainability program within any organization. As part of our Earth Day 2021 efforts we’re encouraging the companies we work with to launch internal initiatives to mark and raise sustainability awareness. For example… think sustainability sessions… educate your workforce about the need to become sustainable and how they personally can participate both within and outside of work. Implementing company wide voluntary initiatives such as a ‘beach clean’ or a ‘walk to work’ initiative is a great way of inspiring employees to become educated and enthusiastic about a common cause. Organizing external expert speakers to deliver inspiring sustainability sessions is a great starting point for implementing a sustainability education effort within your organization. Use this as a means of establishing a Green Team within the company. If we at GreenFeet can help you fine-tune your ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Also keep an eye out for all the governments, companies and organizations big and small who will publicly undertake initiatives for Earth Day. On April 22nd and 23rd, 40 world leaders will mark Earth Day by meeting virtually to discuss climate change. Apple will mark the big day by launching David Attenborough’s ‘The Year Earth Changed’ this month. Last year Shopify listed 50 eco-friendly products from independent business owners. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for other initiatives from companies and organizations that make sustainability a priority. 

The reality is this! Earth Day is a fun way to raise awareness but there’s an underlying message that cannot be ignored. Climate change poses a deadly threat to our entire existence. If left overwhelmingly untackled, it will sneak up on us one day when it will ultimately be too late. The world is making inroads to taking greater efforts to tackle the threat of climate change. Support Earth Day 2021 in whatever way you can… please do your part! Contact us at GreenFeet for more information. 

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