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Lisa Mckelvey

Lisa Mckelvey

by Lisa Mckelvey

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Becoming a sustainable company is less of a choice now; it’s a necessity in today’s world. Firstly, it’s a company’s corporate and social responsibility to play its part in ensuring our planet’s future. Secondly, employees are demanding it; it’s an undeniable fact that more and more employees want to work with sustainable companies. Thirdly, it’s good for business. Investors want to work with companies with a solid sustainability record. Sustainable companies want to work with other sustainable companies and customers in their droves are seeking sustainable options where possible. 

Happily, companies are realizing this and putting in place solid and effective sustainability plans. We work with them everyday at GreenFeet, but not all of them are realizing and capitalizing on the enormous value in communicating those efforts effectively. What does this mean exactly? How do you take credit for the amazing sustainability work you’re doing as a company? There are numerous options… Here’s the rundown: 


At GreenFeet we believe that transparency is the most important aspect of any sustainability journey and what better way to be transparent about your sustainability aims and achievements than to report them? Stakeholders, customers and employees are increasingly demanding visibility into progress on corporate decarbonization initiatives.

However a company’s interpretation of what should be included in a sustainability report and where it should be published can vary hugely. The advice that we give at GreenFeet to our customers is to consider what serves your company best at that particular time. You can report internally or publicly and you can weigh up how much information you’d like to share. Some companies include every detail of their sustainability programme, their aims and objectives and some simply record high level details of their organizations sustainability record at that particular moment.  

GreenFeet makes reporting easy. With our reporting function within the GreenFeet software platform we can quickly and easily export your sustainability data and compile it into a succinct and detailed sustainability report to share with employees, investors or customers. We simply extract all necessary data from our platform and compile and present it in a frank and consumable way, ready for viewing by all. 


Another effective way of directing customers, investors and employees to a company’s sustainability efforts is through a dedicated webpage on your company’s website. Similar to a sustainability report, a sustainability webpage can host as much or as little information as is necessary to support your company’s sustainability mission. 

Whereas a sustainability report is a detailed document outlining key components of a company’s sustainability program for a particular time period, a website provides an opportunity to update in realtime how a company is tracking towards their goals. Such a website can host an entire catalog of sustainability reports, or it can simply facilitate the publication of a number of decarbonization aims and objectives. How much or how little you publish is up to you! 

The ‘MyPage’ GreenFeet function provides a sustainability webpage, automatically generated by GreenFeet. It’s a way for companies to automatically generate a webpage outlining their sustainability programme at whatever level of granularity they decide on, through a simple to use interface that allows for users to easily edit and publish content. 


At GreenFeet we like to give our customers the opportunity to showcase their sustainability initiatives and decarbonization efforts on a number of different platforms, as they implement solid and successful sustainability programs. 

We aid with the publication of sustainability reports to be published where and whenever the company sees fit. We provide the ‘MyPage’ sustainability webpage feature which allows an organization to publish and update their sustainability aims and achievements in realtime and thirdly we provide an opportunity for our partners to shout from the rooftops about their efforts on our GreenFeet blog and social media channels.  

We regularly highlight our partners’ journeys on theGreenFeet blog in our recorded video, ‘Customer Stories Series”. Each month we feature customers from different sectors. Our partners take part in a recorded video discussion detailing their sustainability journey, challenges they’ve faced and overcome, and their sustainability objectives for the future. That content is shared on our blog and social media channels and is freely available for our featured companies to do the same. 

When it comes to sustainability, it’s important for a company to do the work but it’s equally as important for a company to share the work their doing. It may encourage action from a competitor or a friend. We’re in this together. Sustainability is a worldwide necessity so every step towards that is a welcome one.

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