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What is GreenFeet and how can it help your company?

Lisa Mckelvey

Lisa Mckelvey

by Lisa Mckelvey

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Welcome to GreenFeet

Climate change is happening right now, resulting in major changes to our planet that threaten our future. Climate change is also accelerating and scientific models predict that our planet will get significantly warmer, that ecosystems will be destroyed and that enormous human and economic harm will be incurred. If you are reading this blog it is unlikely that this is news to you – you don’t need any additional evidence to be convinced.

In order to reduce our global emissions we all have our part to play. Individuals, corporations, governments, and organizations of all kinds must act to lead this battle against time to save our planet.

However you can not manage what you do not measure.

At GreenFeet our mission is to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by giving businesses easy to configure, accurate visibility into their CO2 emissions along with a viable range of options as to how to go about reducing them. We believe, understanding how to become sustainable, should not be that difficult or expensive and should be accessible for businesses & organizations of all shapes and sizes, big or small.

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