Sustainability made easy

Measure, analyze and reduce your corporate carbon footprint.

We help companies measure and manage their carbon emissions to reduce their output and improve sustainability.

Our mission

At GreenFeet, our mission is to drive corporate sustainability, by giving companies easy to configure, accurate visibility
into their CO2e emissions, along with a viable range of options as to how to go about reducing them.

What we provide


Quickly calculate your corporate emissions, easily upload or plug in data from all your emmision sources (across Scope 1, 2 and 3 of the GHG Protocol) and securely store your data in your cloud based carbon ledger.


Easily compare your emissions, month-on-month, quarter-on-quarter, year-on-year to understand the effect of your sustainability initiatives and decarbonization efforts.

Our dashboard allows you to quickly drill down, segment and analyze your data to better understand your emissions and identify areas of focus for your future planning.


Stakeholders are increasingly demanding visibility into progress on corporate decarbonization initiatives.

Quickly and easily export visual reports of your data to share with employees, investors or customers.

Stakeholders are demanding visibility into decarbonization initiatives. GreenFeet provides a secure and easy to use, intelligent solution to allow you to easily satisfy your customer, employee and investor needs.

Why Greenfeet

Customer appreciation

Build a sustainable brand through decarbonization programs that drive lower emissions and provide a differentiator for your customers.

Employee satisfaction

Engage employees with sustainability initiatives to drive job satisfaction, better employee retention and a stronger company culture.

Investor choice

Today more and more investors focus on the impact of climate change & promote sustainability within their portfolios.

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