At GreenFeet we believe that humanity has many of the tools and technologies to help us meet our climate commitments and goals, but if they are not made accessible to the masses in a timely manner it may be too late.

Our mission at GreenFeet is simple.

To help reduce the world's carbon footprint by providing an easy to use and accessible solution for companies of all sizes to quickly and painlessly manage and ultimately reduce their emissions in line with international agreements and targets.

Diversity is essential: the world would be incomplete if everyone were alike.

At GreenFeet we believe it takes all sorts to make (or in the case of climate action, ‘save’) a world. As such our team is made up of a diverse set of folks with a range of different cultures, backgrounds, talents and skillsets.


Our founding team is made up of repeat entrepreneurs who have previously built venture backed companies, held senior positions at public companies, as well as experienced marketeers, multimedia journalists and expert communicators and educators.

We understand what it takes to execute on a vision.

Software Development

Our team has decades of experience in building complex software systems and in particular systems for monitoring, managing and analysing data.

User Experience and User Interface Design

We have also learned over the years that there is no point in building powerful software systems if they are difficult to use. Ease of use and an intuitive user experience is a key tenant of what we are about as a team.

Data Security

We understand that your data security is paramount. Our team consists of data security and cyber security experts, including thought leaders in the field.

Climate Science

We work closely with leading data scientists from academia and industry to guide our product development and customers alike.

PR, Communications and Marketing

We firmly believe that a large part of the challenge with climate action is with educating and marketing the message such that it is easy to access, understand and consume.

Our team consists of marketing experts and former multimedia journalists expert at delivering complex problems in easy to consume communications.

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