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Standard Features

with all paid plans

1:1 Consultation

Book a free 1:1 consultation with a sustainability expert who will walk you through setup and help you easily and quickly calculate your organization’s footprint.

We’ll help you get your footprint in hours rather than weeks.

Don’t want to spend hours… we can do it for you (see our ‘make it easy audit’ option below).


Drill down on the different categories of emissions to see where the largest areas of CO2e output are for your business.

Compare across different time frames to see how your organization is improving over time.

Setup Guides for your business type:

Use our easy to follow guides to quickly calculate and manage your footprint over time, whether you are a tech company, online retailer, events company and more.

Get an accurate view of your emissions so that you can reduce and become more sustainable with confidence.

Unlimited 24/7 Support:

Our support channel is always there to help you with any questions you have. Work with our Greenhouse Gas experts to have your questions answered or get help with your calculations.


Make it Easy Audit

Want an expert in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to do the work for you? Send us your docs and data and one of our GHG Protocol experts will work with you to calculate your yearly footprint for you. Available for paid plans for a one time $100 fee.

GreenFeet Certified

Corporate sustainability Program
Get certified with the GreenFeet seal of approval. Our GHG experts will review and audit your annual footprint. Proudly display your certificate on your sustainability page for customers, future employees and potential investors to see. Available for paid plans for a one time $100 fee.
Corporate sustainability Program

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