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Mali & GreenFeet – A Sustainability Journey

Reducing a fashion company's carbon footprint

Lisa Mckelvey

Lisa Mckelvey

by Lisa Mckelvey

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How it started

At GreenFeet, we live by the motto ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. This is exactly the challenge that Mali, an environmentally conscious women’s athleisure wear company, and so many other fashion brands are faced with today. Organizations want to drive sustainability because it is core to their culture, important to their team and imperative for their customers. However, it can be difficult to implement different sustainability policies without having the complete picture of the impact your organization is having on the environment and climate. Mali has joined forces with GreenFeet to tackle this challenge. 

Mali, a women’s athleisure wear company from South America ( prides itself on empowering its customers to make ethically and environmentally conscious choices when it comes to their clothing. Fashion is their passion, sustainability is their goal. Mali came to Greenfeet at the beginning of their sustainability journey. They wanted complete visibility into their carbon footprint with the end goal of significantly reducing it, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development goals with a focus on taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. GreenFeet provided Mali with an easy to use, cost effective sustainability platform as well as expert guidance on areas such as data collection, emissions calculation, offsetting, reduction initiatives as well as goal setting and reporting.

Mali & GreenFeet

Mali on Instagram
Mali on Instalgram

Here’s what our friends at Mali had to say:

Mali is constantly working on being a more eco-friendly and ethical company, so we are partnering with GreenFeet to give us complete visibility on our Carbon footprint and provide us with information to make our business even more sustainable.

GreenFeet makes sustainability easy and helps companies of all sizes and interests see aspects of improving their practices. It automates complex tasks regarding our environmental journey, which allows us to focus on the bigger picture and provide the best experience we can to our customers– without compromising our planet.

Come join our movement with @greenfeet &”

Getting started

Getting started for Mali was easy… they signed up for a free GreenFeet account and uploaded the relevant information needed to calculate their emissions footprint from across their different business activities. This included utility bills from the company office, employee commute patterns, product materials and weights, order and shipping information. Mali’s emissions footprint is automatically calculated on the GreenFeet platform and their footprint was available for analysis using the GreenFeet dashboard. You can find more details on this process here.

Greenfeet’s dashboard allows our customers not just a view into their overall footprint but also a detailed view of the different categories from which their emissions originate in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

Example of the GreenFeet Dashboard

Reducing Mali’s footprint

Now that Mali has access to all of their carbon footprint information, they can work towards reducing it even further. GreenFeet can help with this process in a number of ways. Our dashboard allows Mali to track its emissions over time to monitor trends and pinpoint where exactly reductions can be achieved. GreenFeet can help Mali set emission reduction targets and give advice on how to achieve these goals. GreenFeet also provides carbon offset options and advice along with our live support channel. And we can supply guidelines around carbon emission reduction campaigns and help implement them within your organization. 

A big part of our mission at GreenFeet is to do all of this in a cost effective manner. We are completely transparent when it comes to pricing. Most companies do not have big sustainability budgets and do not want to pay extortionate consultancy fees to calculate their carbon emissions or to put in place a sustainability plan.  

GreenFeet makes sustainability easy and helps companies of all sizes and interests to calculate their footprint and improve their sustainability practices. We’re helping Mali to automate complex tasks within their sustainability journey, which allows them to focus on the bigger picture and provide the best experience for their customers,  without compromising our planet.

We can do this for you too! Sign up here to check it out for free or have a chat with us about how we can help you on your sustainability journey. 

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