Why Should Businesses Care About Sustainability?

Why 2021 is the time to act

Lisa Mckelvey

Lisa Mckelvey

by Lisa Mckelvey

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The world has changed

The world changed irrevocably in 2020. Money mattered less, survival mattered the most. Humanity was stopped in its tracks and forced to realize that wealth does not make the world go round. Preservation of wealth became secondary to preservation of humanity. Action had to be taken to halt a pandemic.

Now in 2021, there has never been a more appropriate time to place a focus on climate change. Companies all over the world now have a chance to start afresh. Why preserve decades of unsustainable practices after the world as we know it has been turned on its head? The Covid 19 pandemic brought the world as we know it to its knees. It taught us many things, the most prevalent lesson being that preparation is key. 

Climate change poses the ultimate risk to humanity

Climate change poses the ultimate risk to humanity. There are many reasons why businesses should become more sustainable but given that we’ve all witnessed the drastic effects of how the human race can be stopped in its tracks overnight; isn’t saving the world a pretty good one right now?! Governments, stakeholders, businesses and countries were blindsided by Covid 19. Overnight drastic plans were implemented, countries shut-down and citizens locked-in. These actions were utterly required, there was no other solution in an attempt to save lives and humanity. 

Climate change poses an equal, if not greater risk to our existence. A stealthier, more surreptitious version of a global pandemic; if left untackled will sneak up on us one day when it’s ultimately too late. Humanity will scramble, looking for solutions which are no longer viable. IT WILL BE TOO LATE. 

The Time is Now

Now is the time to take action. Businesses around the world can spearhead this movement and have already started to sit up and take notice. The CDP’s list of sustainably accountable businesses grows continuously… why? Because there is no other option. Businesses should no longer choose to be sustainable, they really don’t have a choice. 

Building a sustainable business makes sense not only in the humanitarian sense but commercially you position yourself impeccably for investors, shareholders, staff and clients. Shareholders, often leaders within their field, see the value of forward planning. They support and champion sustainable businesses as well as efforts within a company to lower carbon emissions or at the very least to monitor them. CO2 monitoring signals an awareness of a wider world beyond the company, an attractive trait to a prospective investor. 

Similarly, clients, especially since the signing of the Paris Agreement, want to deal with businesses who see beyond themselves. A business that sees beyond itself, cares deeply about its clients. 

As individuals we’re developing a wider understanding of the growing threat of climate change. We can carry that across into our working lives. Progressive businesses champion their employees. Thinking sustainably means you’re thinking differently and innovatively and employees (both current and prospective) appreciate that creative and innovative flare! 

At GreenFeet our mission is to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by giving companies easy to configure accurate visibility into their C02 emissions, along with a viable range of options as to how to go about reducing them. We care deeply about the world in which we live. We want to contribute to its preservation. For us, combating climate change is not a choice, it’s a necessity. 

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